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Agenda EBIS meetings 2019/2020:

- July 17th 2019
  • 2019:
    Management Committee Meeting (MC) : 19th Nov 2019 at Chevron Offices, London
    Extraordinary Annual General Meeting (AGM): tbc

    Management Committee (MC): 21 April 2020 at IVR offices, Rotterdam ( starting at 12 hrs)
    Annual General Meeting (AGM): 22nd April 2020 at IVR offices, Rotterdam (starting at 9.00 hrs)
    Extended General Meeting (EGM) 22nd April 2020 at IVR offices, Rotterdam (starting 13.30 hrs)

EBIS Inspector Refresher Courses 2019

- January 10th 2019
  • Inspectors are informed that the yearly refresher courses will take place at the dates/ places as underneath:
    - 12 & 13 March at the Van der Valk Hotel at Houten.
    - 21 & 22 March at Hotel Rheingarten, Königstrasse 78 in 47198 Duisburg (Alt Homberg)
    - 21 May at the premises of TRTG on the site of Total in Le Havre
    At each location the meeting starts at 09:00 hrs, conclusion expected at 15:00hrs.
    Inspectors are reminded that their presence at one of the refresher trainings is compulsory to keep the EBIS accreditation.

EBIS Members: statement of barges used in 2018

- January 3th 2019
  • Please send your statement of barges used in 2018 to Pharox in accordance with our 'Operating Principles,
    Rules and Procedures'. Pharox needs these figures to develop inspection statistics list, which will establish
    the number of required inspections per member for 2019. The board of directors want to inform members that
    failure to provide the information before 1st March will initiate a remove of access after 60 days.

Important notice for the inspectors

- August 16th 2018
  • As from tomorrow 17/08/2018 EBIS version 8.3 will be available. This implies that:
    - Questions C.06.05.00 & C.06.06.00 will have also an "N/A" option,to be marked in case questions C.06.01.00 till C.06.04.00 are answered negative.
    - The guidance notes of question B01.00.00 were adopted and now ask to mark if the watch and rest hours book was checked.
    - The guidance notes of questions F.04.01.00 & F.04.02.00 were adopted. At F04.01.00 the inspector should also check if the scupper plugs are in place and liquid tight. At F.04.02.00 N/A is only possible when there is no spill rail or because of the Products transported it is not allowed to close it. When the barge is in a waiting position the inspector should look for evidence that it was double checked during previous operations.
    - At question H09.00.00 guidance notes explain was is understood by CCTV.
    Questionnaires, guidance notes and TI are now available in four languages.

General Data Protection Act

- May 28th 2018
  • Members are informed that the EBIS Privacy Data Protection Policy can be found under "Documents" and than "EBIS statutory documents". Under "About EBIS" a short text on EBIS compliance with the GDPR is included. It is accessible for all visitors to the website.

25 000 EBIS inspection reports

- May 22th 2018
  • On 08/05/2018 EBIS rounded the cape of 25 000 inspections carried out on barges since the start back in 1998.
    Thanks to all who made it possible.

Planned System Maintenance Sunday 29 April (10:00 to 14:00)

- April 23th 2018
  • Due to planned system maintenance in our data center: the EBIS system is expected to be unavailable on Sunday 29 April from 10:00 to 14:00 (UTC+1).

    We apologize for any inconvenience.


- February 14th 2018
  • Dear EBIS member,
    On behalf of the chairman, Robert Brook, we are pleased to announce that the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and the Extended General Meeting (EGM) will take place on 30 May 2018 in the frame of the Maritime Industry Exhibition in the Gorinchem/Netherlands.
    (Please note that the previously announced date of 26.4.2018 in Rotterdam no longer applies).
    The program of the meetings is as follows:
    Wednesday, 30 May 2018
    9.00 h - 11.30 h Annual General Meeting : EBIS members only
    11.30 h – 12.30 h Extended General Meeting : EBIS members and observers
    12.30 h - 13.30 h Joint lunch
    Access to the IWT Exhibition is free. More information: Maritime Industry
    Finally please find the Draft Minutes of the MC meeting 29.11.2017 (Final version available after approval in the MC meeting 29.5.2018) under "Documents" on this website.
    The meeting documents of the AGM will be send in due time.

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